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Amy Bujarski

When I was in 3rd grade my teacher caught me stuffing my math homework paper into the classroom trashcan.  She called me out on it. “Amy, I saw that”, I remember her saying sternly.  Shame and embarrassment burned into my cheeks. 


I was trying to hide my homework and make it disappear because I didn’t understand long division.  It made no sense to me.  As I grew older, math still was a struggle.  Algebra was scary and I didn’t understand why or how I was supposed to solve for “x”.  What a foreign concept!! In frustration one day I chucked my Algebra textbook against the wall.  I felt like crying and screaming all at once. 


Not understanding a math problem is a very helpless feeling.  Through years of practice, thankfully math started to make sense.  In high school I realized I could start helping other students who were struggling and at the brink of frustration, just like I had been. I even went on to college and got my teaching credential so that I could continue helping make math easy and accessible for all kids. 


It is the best feeling in the world to help students actually work through a problem they are stuck on and succeed.  Then, they feel proud of themselves, more confident, and no longer fearing math. I would love to do the same for your child.  Let me help them gain confidence and get those good grades – instead of having to hide their homework like I did.  We can do this!  Book a free consultation today by clicking on the button below.  I would love to connect with you.

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